TCT Champion TL


Champion TH is part of a new generation of saw blades – for extremely high output and very long blade life.
This product has been developed to cut thin walled tubes with tensile strengths up to 1,800 N/mm2.Advantages:The Champion TH saw blade can cope with the following 3 extreme cutting conditions:

  • Cutting tubes with tensile strengths up to 1,800 N/mm2
  • Cutting speeds up to 350 m/min
  • Very high feed rates


  • High performance cutting of thin and medium wall drawn tubes and high tensile tubes on high-end cut-off machines
  • Cutting speed: 280 – 220 m/min.
  • Tooth load 1/2/3: relation 1/3/0.8. Values: 0.05/0.15/0.04 mm/tooth.
  • Machines: Rattunde, Sinico, Bewo, RSA, Adige

Note: Respect 10% fill ratio, use wire brush and high quality oil.