FMB szalagfűrészgépek
Az FMB manuális szalagfűrészgépe megbízható partner a napi fűrészelési feladatokban az iparban. Ideális csövek, profilok és tömör anyagok fűrészelésére. Lenyűgöz a pontosságával és sima futásával. A számos alapfelszereltség mellett a fűrészgép vonzó ár-teljesítmény arányt kínál. Egyszerű kezelésük és kis helyigényük miatt ideális fűrészgépek fémmegmunkáló műhelyekben, karbantartó cégeknél, kovács- és oktatóműhelyekben történő használatra.

A cég története

FMB was set up in 1982 and was one of the very first companies to propose band sawing machines at a time when the market was dominated by circular saws. Since then, thanks to its great ability to evolve, to research innovative products and to modify the machine to suit the customer’s actual needs, FMB has become a leading company in this sector.

Its buildings represent the best in modern design, concentrating on maximum practicality and with sufficient space for all departments necessary to the creation of a new product: engineering, production and testing. Not to mention the commercial and administration office block, warehouse and dispatch area. Our present range is made of 35 models whose cutting capacity goes from Ø 200 mm up to Ø 540 mm together with a complete set of solutions for material handling. In all these years the basic concepts of our machines have always been the same: quality, solidity and reliability. Even today, our new models, introduced at the end of last year, have these same characteristics and the changes they present are simply the consequence of technological progress.

All the systems in FMB are planned and realized with the aim to avoid energy wasting minimizing the use of energetical sources, in our production processes we only use vegetal oils, the offices and the production department is lighted with led lights and on the roof of FMB a photovoltaic system with 100 kWh power is installed. FMB represent the fusion of technologic innovation and tradition which allows to offer the best solutions to the customer.